The mattress topper does a great job as a gift

My husband and I got married three weeks ago. Among various presents we received from both our family and friends, I love the mattress from Mary the most. Since my old mattress was too firm, it made me feel uncomfortable in the morning. As a result, when waking up, I felt very tired and it caused less effective working days. As one of my best friends, Mary knows me more than other people do. I told her about my old mattress since she is an expert in this field. In my wedding day, she gave me a Serta 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper set, which surprised me because both the high-quality mattress as well as her affection for me.

The mattress topper

My old mattress

My old mattress was a Latex Mattress Topper, which comes from a highly rated branch in the market. Yet, it features doesn’t meet my needs and demands. It’s true that it brings the fantastic feel and luxurious touch like advertised, however, its function doesn’t fit my personal preference. Its structure is too firm for me and even firmer than other medium-firm mattresses I tried before. As a result, it didn’t provide me a comfort as I want and made me difficult to fall asleep. Furthermore, it usually took about more than an hour of turning and tossing before falling asleep. Otherwise, the cover is not removable, so I had to buy a cover to protect the topper, which added burden to the cost.

My new mattress

I love to tell you about my new mattress since I find it’s very helpful. It’s made in the USA, which is designed with full of convenience and comfort. The 2-inch layer provides a high level of support, also it helps to reduce pressure points with pain in my shoulder and neck. It’s a good idea for people who are seeking for the relaxing sleeping experience like me. In addition, the other 2-inch layer, which is the pillow top brings me with much softer support compared with my old mattress. Also, it has a premium quality Egyptian pad cover, which I’m interested in very much. It doesn’t only a friendly budget way, but the quality is outstanding. Unlike my old mattress, it’s removable and can be washed in the washing machine. It has a special function, which helps to protect the inner part as well as extend the life of the mattress. With proper care, it can carry a 10-year warranty.

What I love the most about my mattress

I have to say that it’s more than a gift from my best friend. It’s a necessary thing in my sleeping place. I have been using this mattress for 3 weeks and have discovered many outstanding features of this mattress.

– I love the coordination among many parts of the mattress. When one part cares about pressure points, the other top layer provides soft support and comfort to the body.

– Its ease of cleaning and the ease of maintenance bring the most convenience to me. Further, with the removable Egyptian available, it helps to reduce the cost. Besides, it can be machine washed which helps me save a lot of time.

– In case, if I have a firm mattress underneath then it will oppose the firmness to make it feel softer during sleep.

– This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a wise investment to my sleeping place.

With this new mattress, it helps both my husband and I have a better night’s sleep. We love the softness as well its high quality. If you are looking for a soft and durable mattress, try this one, I’m sure it’ll satisfy you.

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