Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Our Rating: 4.4 / 5

It is natural for people to crave for comfortable sleep every day and while it is not a problem for some, others are not able to achieve it due to some specific reasons such as time issues, poor pillows, and terrible mattresses. Creating time for sleep shouldn’t be a problem; however, purchasing the right mattresses and pillows are the major problems faced by some of these people. Someone came to me sometimes in the past complaining of pains each time she wakes in the morning and as such preferred sleeping on her couch or on the floor. After series of questioning, I found out that her mattress was actually the cheap type with unrealistic features. Sleep Innovations 12-inch mattress comes with a lot of realistic features to give anyone a very comfortable sleep and some of these features are explained below.

Two layer 12-inch premium memory mattress

With two layers of quality materials, you can be sure of getting maximum comfort on this mattress. It has the ability of adjusting to the various shapes of your body the moment you lie on it unlike some mattresses that are as hard as a wooden table. The mattress is soft, but hard at the same time thereby giving the body that comfortable and painless wake from sleep each morning.

Less Turning and Tossing throughout the Night

There are two major reasons why people turn throughout the night. It could either be because they are enjoying their sleep on a cool mattress or because they are not comfortable. The issue of comfort is solved with this 12-inch memory mattress as it is distinct from most others available in the market. However, if you toss and turn because of the enjoyment on your cool mattress, you can still have a better feel lying on one side of your body throughout your sleep by going for sleep innovation’s mattress.

Elegance Mixed with Quality

This memory foam boasts of quality, but with this quality comes elegance. To those that have a well-designed room, adding this mattress to the room makes it look more elegant because of its bright color and lovely shape. However, the mattress is also capable of transforming and ordinarily looking room into a stylish room. This is in addition to its quality and durability.

Vacuum Packing Technology

Shipping large items is usually an issue for most courier companies but with the Sure Temp memory foam, shipping is made easy due to the fact that the mattress can be vacuum packed thereby reducing its size to a roll.

20 Years Full Warranty

With 20 years full warranty, there is hardly anything else anyone needs from this company. It practically means that the mattress is more than 90% likely to perform its function forever. The only issue you should have with it is maintenance and once you can wash or clean the mattress periodically, you are good to go.

In conclusion, Sleep Innovations mattress is a good product for all kinds of position on bed including side sleepers. The fact that it can be vacuum packed and still retain its normal size after unboxing proves that it is capable of lasting several years.

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