Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

For the explorative mind that loves to try different things and think outside the box, this could be a great opportunity for you to change how you sleep and make the experience even better than you could  have ever imagined. Slightly differing from your conventional memory foam mattress and the spring mattresses, the Lucid Gel Memory foam mattresses is able to offer you ultimate comfort while at the same time drawing from the benefit that memory foam mattresses have to offer. It is a purchase that would not only see you improve your resting time and sleep but also add value to your lifestyle.


The mattress features a dual layer technology comprising of 1” soft and ventilated cooling layer and 4” of a supportive base foam layer. It is a great product to have especially for those that find the heat and sweat that creep to you in the night a major nuisance.

Another quite creative addition to the Lucid mattress is the open cell construction that creates more durability allowing the mattress to serve you for a longer time compared to other mattresses that have also been built using memory foam. Because of this particular feature, users who buy the Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress also get to enjoy a comprehensive 25 year warranty which goes to show just how durable the mattress can be.

The gel memory foam plays two primary roles each having its own set of benefits. The first is that it creates a cool sleep experience as it helps to draw the heat away from the body and at the same time, it conforms to the body providing superior comfort while absorbing pressure from the pressure points to provide comfort and eliminate irritability.

Other impressive features that are worth noting is that the mattress is resistant to dust mites which is a great plus considering how fast the small bugs can intrude your life and precisely your resting time and does not have any harmful odors that could not only make it harder for you to sleep but also pose a health risk.

It is also certified by the CertiPUR-US which gives you a guarantee of the quality of the materials and skills used in the production process.


  • It effectively and efficiently takes away the discomfort that comes with heat and sweating both of which can be quite disruptive to one’s sleep.
  • It provides ample and sufficient support for all kinds of sleepers as it is not too firm that it becomes stiff neither is too plush.
  • It offers a great price for a great mattress.
  • You a get a 25 year warranty which is quite commendable compared to what you would get for other products.


  • The biggest drawback with this mattress has been the complaint that it does not look 5 inches. However it is important to note that the manufacturer vacuum pack this for easier shipping and advises waiting for about 4 hours as it decompresses.

When you are looking to break the norm and try more innovative methods of getting better quality sleep, it is worth trying new products that have broken the stiff rules of conventionalism. The Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress is one such product.

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