Is it safe to sleep with a gun under your bed?

For many reasons, people have a tendency to bring a weapon to go to sleep. They have a hundred reasons to advocate their activity. They said that they put the gun under their pillow, not in a Gun Safe just to make for sure of their safety at the night and they think that this action has no adverse effects on themselves or other people. It just makes a great contribution to protect their safety. However, besides the advantages that putting the gun under the pillow brings to, you have to deal with a number of secured problems related.

Gun under Pillow

To justify for this activity, people say that they put a gun under their pillow to ensure their security. This is a precaution activity. In many cases, their house has the ability of being stolen. Their asset or personal item can be stolen by the thieves at the nights. Therefore, a gun can protect them from the thieves and prevent their patrimony.

Furthermore, they also vindicate that they are afraid of ghosts and shades. They want to show that the gun doesn’t have any disadvantages. It just makes them feel more comfortable when sleeping. In other words, a gun keeps their mental stable. They will not feel scared the ghosts and shades because the power of the gun can protect them. No one can haunt them in any ways. When they feel that it is necessary, they can use the gun to shoot both the ghosts and shades.

Although they have many ideas to illustrate that their viewpoint is completely right, there is a wide range of evidence against their opinions. As we knew, a gun is not a toy. We cannot use this weapon as a normal toy and take it to play whenever we want. When you make a decision of putting the gun under your pillow, you will have to address many problems related to this.

One of the most important issues is that it is very easy to touch the trigger or the fire of the gun. In the world, many people have to face with the unexpected situation because of using guns as a precaution. And not all these people can be lucky enough. Some of them were killed by their own gun.

For example, in the United State, a woman uses a gun to protect her from the threats from her X-husband. After the divorce, she buys a gun and puts under her pillows to make the precaution with that man. But unfortunately, on Thursday, she was found dead in her bed from an accidental gunshot wound to the head. This is a great illustration of the danger from the gun. We have nothing to guarantee that the bad situation will not occur when we take the use of the gun to protect ourselves. This is not only case ill all over the world. There remain many other ones that can cause serious problems for both the users and the other member in their family.

Gun under your bedMoreover, it is very difficult to place the gun in the right position. It may be oriented when we bestir during the sleeping process. No one can keep only one position until the next day. Stirring can make the gun change the location. Imagine that you can hold the gun when you touch it, and then we can contact the trigger. The result is unpredictable. It can surpass our imagination.

Apart from the danger for the users, it also has negative effects on other people. Children are very curious; they consider all things as their toy with the regardless of its adverse influences. They may think that gun is similar to other toys and they can take it out of its position and play with the gun. Children cannot know exactly the mechanism of action of the gun as well as the danger of it; therefore, it will be not a surprising thing when you catch the children with a gun.


In conclusion, we shouldn’t take the gun to go to sleep to make for sure of the safety for both the owners and the other people. We can apply different ways to make the precaution instead of the gun. There are a number of effective methods that you don’t pay more attention to.

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