How to sleep on your stomach?

how to sleep on your stomachAfter a hard working day, all people always expect for a tight sleep at nights because this is the best time for their body and mind to rest and re-energized for the next days. Therefore, choosing a good sleep position is one of the most important factors which has significant effects on the quality of the sleep. Many people wonder about whether they can sleep on their stomach or not. In fact, people should not do like that because of its adverse consequences. Today, we will provide you some information about sleeping on the stomach, how to sleep on your stomach, and the methods to outweigh the negative effects as choosing the best mattress, best pillow for stomach sleepers.

Is it ok to sleep on your stomach?

is it ok to sleep on stomach

This is a popular question of all stomach sleepers. They wonder whether it will have bad effects on their health or not. According to Dr. Jan Lefkowitz, sleeping on the stomach is the worst thing because it can affect many parts of your body. In the next working days, you may feel hurt and tired after sleeping. There are many symptoms that you can suffer, if you intend to sleep in this position as following:

  • The neck pains: There is no doubt that the stomach sleepers can suffer the neck pain. The most important reason for this symptom is that your head is in one side while sleeping; therefore, the head and the spine cannot be in a correct position. When you are young, you will not pay more attention to this damage, but after a short time, you can feel how serious it is and you have to ask for the help of the doctor, if you do not want to last the consequence of this pain.
  • The back pain: It is undeniable that sleeping on the stomach is the main reason which leads to the back pain of all people. The weight of your body will focus on one side whenever you sleep in this position at night, so the pressure will be increased more and more on the spine. In addition, the spine is considered as the nerves’ pipeline; therefore, this pain will be the obstruction when you work. Read on our reviews for best mattress for back pain.
  • The pregnant women: You are pregnant, it means that you are sleeping for you and your children, so the good sleep plays an integral part because it can affect to the health of two people. You cannot do what you want and do not concentrate on the safe for the baby. During this period, sleeping on the stomach is not encouraged for the pregnant women because it can bring the adverse influences to both the mom and the offspring. In addition, the heavier you are, the more pressure your spine suffer.

What type of mattress is best for stomach sleepers?

The best mattress can deal with its negative effects. There remains a huge number of the effective ways that you can apply to put an end to the pains. Almost all people usually opt for the mattress as the best way to treat these symptoms. Due to the importance of the mattress toward the sleep, the manufacturers have given the birth of countless mattresses with different types and materials. Each type of the mattress is for different objectives, so you should take everything into the consideration before purchasing. Now, we are going to introduce to you some best mattresses for the stomach sleepers.

The memory foam mattress

memory foam mattress

This type can support people who sleep on their stomach. The memory foam mattress is precious with the variety of both the benefits and good features to help the stomach sleeper stay healthy

These mattresses may differ from the normal ones because of the firmness. This firm mattress is suitable for people who usually feel tired during the sleeping time. Furthermore, it has different levels of comfort and the heat dissipation capacity.

The Latex mattress


This product is famous for the stomach sleepers because it has the ability of distributing the body’s weight that provides you the comfort as well as reducing the stress on the spine.

In addition, it has the support system to reduce the pains with many upholstery layers. The materials of this mattress are ecologically friendliness. It is usually made from the plants, so people do not need to worry about allergies or chemicals. Find out more information for latex mattress.

The innerspring mattress

innerspring mattressThis mattress consists of several spring rows which are suitable for the layers of the mattress. In addition, if you take the use of this mattress, you will have chances to experience the top notch technology with the quality, the better performance, the durability and the stability.

However, if you make a decision of purchasing this mattress, you should learn how to accept the noise. This product is not the best choice for the elderly people or the children. Their health and their sleep can be affected because of the noise. Learn more about innerspring mattress.

How to find the right mattress?

To look for the best mattress for the stomach sleeper is not a piece of cake because of the wide spreading producing. Furthermore, nowadays, there are many products on the market, which can be lower quality or not really helpful for stomach sleepers. Therefore, before making a payment for the mattress, you should remember to take care of its materials and brands. At the first sight, you need to know exactly what type of the mattress that you would like to buy. If you cannot identify exactly, you cannot choose the mattress that fit you.

After deciding the type of the mattress, next, you will take the materials of the mattress into the account to know what materials can suit you and which one you can be allergies with some types of the materials. The materials should adapt all your requirements in terms of the comfort, and the softness.

Besides, you also need to think about the brand. To get the best one, you should take your priority for the reputable brands because these brands can provide you the most attractive services. Additionally, you need to check on the warranty services before receiving the product.

Read our full mattress buying guides here.

The best bed for stomach sleepers


Apart from a good mattress, the bed is also vital. When buying the bed, there are many factors to consider carefully to avoid some unexpected situations. Some people think that they just need to look at the bed, and then they can know which one is better; however, this viewpoint is not really true because if you do not lie on it, you cannot know whether it is the best choice or not.

To reduce the negative influences of sleeping on the stomach, you should find out the bed that can support you such as the slat and spring bed. To meet the needs of the stomach sleepers, you should take care of the shape, the specific needs, and the size of the bed. The selected bed has to be fitted to the mattress.

The best pillow for stomach sleepers

The final thing that can contribute to decrease the symptoms of the stomach sleeper is the pillow. The stomach sleeper pillow is various which can offer the best support for the side sleepers. There are many types of pillow that you can add to your list to refer when you need as follows:

The shredded memory foam pillow


It has become the most favorite one on the market, which has gained the popularity in all over the world. This pillow can bring you the favorable condition to make an adjustment for it to suit your body.

In addition, this pillow was made from the hypoallergenic bamboo fabric which is breathable. The shredded foam pillow can be the perfect choice for the side sleepers. It can support some parts of the body as the neck, and the back.

The Ultra slim sleeper memory foam pillow

Conforma-Memory-Foam-Pillow-81084000This pillow is considered as the best pillow for the neck pain side sleeper which is thinner than other types. The design of this pillow is to serve the stomach sleeper with the thin shape. This pillow can support for the back, the neck and the shoulder while sleeping.

The ultra slim sleeper memory foam pillow can fit people who get into the troubles with their back, and their neck because of side sleeping. With the right height, you can sleep well without causing the neck and back pain.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, sleeping on the stomach is bad for your health, so if possible, you had better change the sleep position more frequently to prevent your body from the serious pain. Additionally, you also can take the advantages of the bed, mattress and the pillow to have a comfortable sleep instead of taking the medicine as normal.

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