How to buy a cheap memory foam mattress


Prices can be negotiable, especially in case of cheap memory foam mattress. You should bargain confidently (unless the prices are listed) and stay awake from the sedution of a “great deal” that salers give you. That is all low quality products.

If you pay attention to a $1000 mattress in store A and store B accepts to sell the same mattress with 50% sale off price for $2500, you should even pay $300 more for store B because they are selling you true quality product. Don’t be a fool.

Before decide buying anything, ask your saler about Warranty Policy, shipping fee and whether or not they accept to buy your old cheap memory foam mattress. These factors affect to the final price of product.

Listed price product in store is not usually expensive. Chain stores may offer you sale off price or give you vouchers or other sedution, they often have higher price. In that case, bargain price might not be a “great deal”, it’s even higher than listed price in other stores.

Choose a good cheap memory foam mattress for your health

Many consumers may worry about which mattress is durable, beautiful, affordable, suitable for aesthetic and health.

If you are one of them, you should consider about top rated mattress from reputable manufacturers. There are many manufacturers on the market with various types of mattress such as rubber material, Korean mattress, pressed cotton mattress, carbon mattress, or even wave mattress.

A best mattress must be suitable for your own good and health. You should think of medium firm mattress such as pressed cotton type if you are having troubles with back pain or spine and Osteoarthritis. If you like a soft mattress then you can be interested in springs or carbon mattress. You can compare prices of 2 or 3 top rated mattress manufacturer.


Not every thick and expensive mattress is durable. Before buying, you should check one more time the specifications of mattress, like, its height, width, length. Common mattress with standard is 120×190, 150×190 or 160×200 and 180×200. Surface and borders of your bed should be fit with the mattress, an appropriate height from the ground to the mattress should be 45 centimeters. If your bed is specifically made other than those sizes above, you can make a call to our service line.

Notes before buying a mattress:

A perfect cheap memory foam mattress will support the best for all spot on your body, especially your spine and  keep your body in a natural curve. It must give you a sense that your body is lifted and your spine is free in a natural way. All mattress from our brand give you the best support. The big difference happens when you lay on the surface. Some people like to lay on firm surface, when others are comfortable with soft one. With a big innovation of technology,  thick mattress are more popular and better quality. Thus, you should not be cautious with this kind of cheap memory foam mattress, they are the best for supporting your body.


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