How often should you replace your mattress?

A sleep is the most important thing that can have both positive and negative effects on people’s health; therefore, they always try to find out the best items to enhance the quality of their sleep, including the bed, the pillow and the mattress. The mattress is very beneficial for the users such as the best mattress for preventing back pain and other considerable functions. Because of the vital role of the mattress, the manufacturers have a tendency to give the birth of countless types of the mattress, but the users usually wonder whether they have to change the mattress or not and how often they should do.

What mattress should I buy?

A good sleep can help you have enough energy for a hard working day without tiredness. Therefore, people usually apply different ways to have a good sleep. Choosing the best mattress is one of the best way to treat the insomnia of both the younger and older generations. It is undeniable that we cannot have a good sleep without the mattress because it can make a great contribution to make us sleep comfortably.

Due to its importance, the manufacturers always pay more attention to each objective who take the use of the mattress when producing different kinds of the mattress to adapt the specific needs of the users. Therefore, we should take a look at the types of the mattress that you should buy first before care about changing the mattress.

In fact, the types of the mattress are various which can be suitable for each sleep position.
Many people have a tendency to sleep on their stomach at night and they believe that it can help them sleep better than other sleep positions.

The mattress cannot stop the bad sleep position, but it can reduce its negative consequences. When buying the mattress, you had better take everything into the consideration to make for sure that it can fit your needs. We can suggest several best mattresses as following.

The innerspring mattress

innerspring mattressIf you intend to buy a mattress for yourself or other people, you cannot ignore the innerspring mattress because it can support the sleepers by taking the advantage of an array of the coil springs. After getting up, you can feel refreshed, re-charged and re-energized to start a new day. This mattress is the perfect choice for those who sleep in one side or in other words, it is the best mattress for side sleepers because it has the ability of reducing the pressure between the spine and the neck.

Apart from the advantages, this mattress also contain a wide range of the disadvantages. If you want to make a choice of the best mattress for preventing back pain, this mattress is not for you because it does not have enough springs as well as the cushion to support your back.

The memory foam mattress

best memory foam mattress

This mattress has gained the popularity to become the best seller product in all over the world. This product is the perfect combination between the traditional and modern technology with an array of the different layers to distribute the weight of your body. It is the best mattress for stomach sleeper and heavy people.

Because it has many layers, so the sleepers usually feel hot, especially in the summer weather condition. In addition, this mattress can provide the favorable condition to recover after the illness or some kinds of the muscle pain.

The Air mattressair mattress

This is the last type that we want to introduce to you. According to the statistic of the
manufacturers, this mattress is the priority of the couples. The air mattress is the best mattress for couples. With this type of the mattress, you can fully feel the highest level of the firmness and the comfort. The air mattress can provide a favorable condition for the couples to sleep well at night.

Although this mattress is very beneficial for the sleeper, it can lead to the back aches because of its firmness. Besides, the same as the memory foam mattress, this mattress is not the best mattress for the hot sleeper.

Apart from these above mattress, there remains a huge number of the other mattress, but we cannot list all of them here. You should remember that the quality of the sleep depends on the quality of the mattress. The more comfortable the mattresses are, the better sleep you get.

How often should you replace your mattress?

Some people think that they can take the use of a mattress for a very long time without changing; however, this viewpoint is not really true because the older mattress always have many hidden damages that we cannot discover immediately; therefore, it is very important for you to alter the mattress frequently when you see the dangerous signals.

There are no criteria for changing the mattress, but there are some factors that you need to take into the account to decide whether it need to be changed or not as follows.

The quality of the sleep

how often should you replace your mattress

As we knew, the quality of the sleep is the determined factor that can decide whether you should make a payment for this mattress or not. If in one day, when you wake up, and you feel hurt in your back, neck or even the head, it means that your mattress cannot bring the comfort and the support to you, and then, you need to invest the new one.

In the event of distrust, you can go to the house of the other people or the hotel, and then sleep on their mattress to feel how perfect it is. Compared to your mattress, you may know exactly your mattress is not supportive enough as it was in the past.

The mattress

In some situations, the signs can be shown in your own mattress clearly. You had better find out the clear signs of either the tear or the wear on the mattress. If the mattress is lumpy, worn, or sagging, it is time for you to buy the new one and there is no way to fix it again.

Some people want to save a great deal of money, so they do not replace the new mattress. After a short time, their sleep usually be interrupted by many different factors such as itching, or even hurt.

The time

how long for sleeping

Almost all people advocate that the time is the measurement of all things in our planet and the mattress is not an exception. Depending on the time, you can know the longevity of the mattress. The same as other products, the mattress also has their own use duration, so you should check it before buying to look for the proper one.

Normally, you can take the use of a mattress until about 7 years, but if you do not use it regularly, it can last about 10 years or more. Therefore, you need to focus on the time of using the mattress and replace when it is necessary.

The partner

sleeping partner

The last factor that you need to care about is the sleep of your partner. If they cannot sleep at night because of the aches, the alternation of your mattress is vital. Some people usually think that their feel can be the illusion because of the pressure or bad health, but in fact, it is reliable, especially your partner.

A bad sleep can lead to many serious problems which can affect to your works and your mind. You may feel exhausted or tired after sleeping. To deal with these problems, the most necessary thing to do is to change the mattress.

The mattress can have both advantages and disadvantages toward the sleep of all people. To have a good sleep, you should concentrate on cleaning the mattress after waking up as well as replacing it on time. A tight sleep at night can help you escape from the hustle and the bustle of your life to have enough energy for the working days, so it is better for you to take the time to check on the mattress regularly to avoid some unexpected situations.

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