How humidity affects to your sleep?

Sleep is a physiological instinct need, however, instinctive demand is not always met, but also depends on other factors such as: Effect of body and mind, in addition to the influence from the external environment. For example, in cool environment, people can fall asleep faster and even deeper. If you are in a too high humidity room, your body will be unable to escape the sweat out, so it is difficult for the body temperature to fell, causing head pain and mental fatigue. How to keep it from interrupting your sleep? This article here will show you.

How Humidity Affects to your Sleep

The role of weather on your health and your slumber is very important that may makes you amazing, especially about the humidity. When your body intends to have drowsy and fall asleep, your internal temperature will fall down gradually, and still lower until a few hours before you wake up. (Your core temperature is also fallen down after the lunch, and that is the reason why you usually feel sleepy at that time). Whether the moisture is too high or too low, it all causes the bad effects on you.

High humidity affects to your sleep

High HumidityWhen the moisture in the air increases highly, it makes you have difficulty in escaping humidity from the body, so that you may feel hot and inconvenient. In other words, your natural “air conditioner” is broken down. The cotton bedding is, of course, better than polyester or silk sheets in breathing to keep you stay cool and the same with your pajamas. However, discomfort is not the only problem; the high moisture can be a good condition for mold and bacteria growth quickly in the air you are breathing, and may cause harm to your sleep, especially if you are allergic or sensitive with them.

Many documents have shown that a cool living space will help the naturally deep slumber progress of the body, and it is on the contrary when it is hot. The ideal temperature of a room for rest is between 60 and 70 degrees, based on the preference, the clothes, and bedding set.

From that point, you may think that low moisture environment is the best for a nice slumber because the weather is cool, you can fall asleep faster. Oh, my dear friends, it is something else wrong at all.

Low Humidity

The very first impact of too low moisture bedroom is disrupting your shut – eye. This is usually happen in the winter when the weather is rather cold and dry, which will make your nasal passages and skin dry out quickly. Dry nasal passages are easy to catch cold, and when coughing and sneezing, how can you fall asleep? Even when you get a super health and never catch cold or get sick, dry air can cause dry and itchy feeling to irritate your throat. So, again, how can you sleep with those nuisances?

Many users are confused about the real effects of air purifiers. Not many people believe that the main function of this device is a humidifier. However, air purifiers are used for more. If really you only need to create moist, find yourself a good humidifier device costs just a few hundred dollars that are being sold very much in the market.

Air Purifier has the main functions: deodorant, clean air filter and removes dust, bacteria, viruses, allergy causing agents, mold … and natural moisture to the air.

Source: PickMyHumidifier

How to get a good slumber with those kinds of weather?

Of course, you cannot control the weather, but you can be with the moisture affecting to your room by using some appliances. The ideal temperature is between 17 and 21 Celsius degrees. Currently, indoor temperatures in many places with heating system supplying the warmth level in winter up to 23 degrees Celsius and even higher, which is not only energy wasting, but also, not protect environmental, in addition to not good for health.

To make sure the sleeps as best as possible, you need to maintain the moisture in the room in 50 percent all around the year, by investing for a best dehumidifier in the summer and a best air purifier in the winter.

How Humidity Affects your Sleep

In wrap:

In addition to many bad habits can effect on the slumber, there are still a lot of other features from the outsides, particularly the climate. Not only in high humidity, but also in low moisture, it all causes the nuisance and discomfort to fall asleep easily, as well as to get a deep sleep overnight. Besides, the weird way of weather also make us catch sick like cold, flu or many different symptoms such as dry skin, eyes, throat, so forth and so on, which effects both on health and slumber.

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