How did I change my mattress topper? 

Just like many people, I pay much attention to my sleep. Since I’m a lawyer, I have to work a lot in the daylight, and when the night falls out, I want to have a good night’s sleep. It might help me feel fresh and comfortable in the morning, so I might have an effective working day. However, since I’m under a lot of pressures, I had developed insomnia issues. I had a headache too, and it caused even worsen the problem. As a result, I woke up in the morning and felt very tired. It was such the nightmares. I’m 30 years-old, and too young to suffer from the sleep disorder, so I came to my physician for some advice.

How did I change my mattress topper

For the first and the second time, she recommended to work less and go to bed earlier than usual, do exercise regularly and even take some pills. However, my situation didn’t become better. When it came to the third time, she started asking me about my mattress and pillow I was using and how I felt about the way I sleep. I told her about my memory mattress topper that I bought 5 years ago. And this time, she said that she found my real problem. She said this mattress become softer when they aged and wore. And excessive softening might lead to both a lack of comfort and support while other types become firmer and compacted. She experienced herself and said it doesn’t last the length of their warranties. It’s time to go for another type of mattress.

The suggestion I got. 

She suggested that I should go for 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper. It’s made from the USA where the products have to meet the general standards before exporting to other countries. It’s 10-year warranty as the perfect investment. In addition, Sleep Innovation is a trustworthy brand and the price is acceptable. As I care much about my health problems as well as how to invest my money wisely, I decided to try.

How is my experience?

It is the dual layer topper with 4-inch thickness, which many people found it’s an effective option and I’m not the exception.  It’s designed to help the bearers conform to the curves or shape of my body where particularly they work for the pressure relief. Furthermore, the special setting allows me with good blood flow, which reduces any chances of pain in my joints such as hips, shoulder. Since it’s made of 300 count cotton, 100 percent cotton covering. So it helps to hold the mattress pad securely and firmly over the mattress. Unlike my old mattress, it brings the firmness enough, which makes me feel comfortable and reduces back pain. Since I used this mattress, I have fallen asleep easier and even deeper, which makes me feel fresh in the next morning. Besides, the covering is removable and it is machine washed, so it’s very convenient, especially for a woman has busy schedules like me.

I have to thank my physician since she doesn’t bring me much advice but sharing her own experience. Also, it’s the best idea for those who are looking for a luxurious and plush mattress. Although, it’s not for people who love firmer support, many people love the adequate firmness. This mattress offers me both comfort and quality material sophisticated design, which meet all my needs and demands.

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